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#letstalkRESPs Twitter Party

#letstalkRESPs Twitter Party

Time: 9 p.m. EDT
Hashtag: #letstalkRESPs
Hosts: Peter Lewis, CST Vice President (and resident expert), @ParentLifeNet & @CSTConsultants
Eligibility: Canada-wide

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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Giveaway

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  • The Bubbler
  • Mr. Pigeon
  • Stormy Weather
  • Timebreaker
  • Copycat
  • The Pharaoh
  • Lady Wifi


We decided to enjoy Miraculous™: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir during a rainy night at home. Both my children watched episodes before on Nickelodeon. So both children were looking forward to watching it. They loved each episode had action and laughter. I loved that it teaches lessons while you are watching a story. It teaches children about good friendships, teamwork can help you through any problem, and those that try may succeed. I am sure both of my children didn’t know they were being taught lessons when they were watching it. But that’s okay, sometimes the best lessons are ones you don’t realize you are learning. I really enjoyed DVD. Spencer gave it two thumbs up. He wants Pierce and Gabby to watch it. (His cousins who are younger than him.) So guess we will be putting this movie back on when they come over.

Canadian readers can purchase Miraculous™: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir HERE (for now it isn’t available in stores but may change in the future.)

U.S. readers can purchase at Walmart, Best Buy (with an exclusive mask), Target (with an exclusive sticker pack), and online HERE

Shout! Kids would like to offer a Miraculous™: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir dvd to one Canadian Basics reader.

Open to Canada & US

Ends May 25/16

Miraculous™: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Giveaway

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Examination of Custom Writing Company for many Students

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My Kidney Transplant Story




Many of you have read my story about looking for a Living Kidney Donor and about my journey with Chronic Kidney Disease from Branchio-Oto-Renal Syndrome. If you haven’t CLICK HERE to read the beginning.

With today being World Kidney Day and March is Kidney Month I wanted to share my transplant story with everyone to let them everyone know what happens when you sign a donor card.

My Kidney Transplant Story


On Saturday August 8, 2015, my husband received a call at 6:30pm on his cell. I asked him who it was and he mouthed that it was the hospital. I was confused on why the hospital was calling. I didn’t clue in because I had just been napping on the couch and his cell woke me up, so I was half asleep.

Mike handed me the phone and the woman on the other end told me she was with my transplant team and was excited that they had a potential match for me. She was very bubbly and because I was half asleep I was still trying to register everything. So when she said “Isn’t this exciting?” I just replied with a “yeah” in a monotone. But as she was talking about how it might be a dry run (a dry run is where you arrive at the hospital and prepped for surgery but there is some reason the surgery doesn’t go through. It can be because it isn’t a match or the kidney is damaged and the surgeon calls it off. Several reasons as to why it is called off.) I was more awake and realized what was going on. After only 8 months on the list, I could have a transplant tonight!! She told me I needed to bring 3 manuals of dialysis just in case. She asked me if I could be there by 8:15pm. I live an hour away but I told her that wasn’t a problem. I was starting to get excited and nervous all at once. She wished me luck and I thanked her so much for calling.

I couldn’t believe it. I could have a kidney. No more dialysis! But I didn’t want to get my hopes too high because I have seen several people get calls and get a dry run. Seriously what was the odds that the first time I get the call, I receive a kidney? So I packed quickly and brought my suitcase downstairs and notified Mike and the kids we had to go. So we packed up the kids and the dog traveled to my mother in laws house to drop them off and then head to the hospital. (At this point I had been on the list for 6 months.)

We drove to the hospital and I was told to report to the ER and let them know I was there for a transplant. They called up and found out a bed was ready for me and I was to go up. So we went up and I was shown a room.

Transplant room

In my first story about how I was sick, I stated I was in the transplant room because they didn’t know if I would survive. Well I ended up in the very same transplant room. I don’t remember the room but Mike did when we walked in.

I had to fill out paperwork right away. Normal surgery stuff. Then I received the I.V. and then got into the hospital gown.  We waited. The surgery was suppose to start at 10pm but my surgeon came in and said they were waiting on the kidney that should be there any time, since it was 2 hours away. The person was on life support so they had the family come in and do their good-byes (so sad to remember hearing that because it makes you respect the gift that much more. Not that I didn’t respect the gift knowing it was coming from someone deceased but you start thinking about the family and wishing they weren’t going through the pain they were at that point. )

At 11pm they wheeled me down with Mike and my sister to the recovery room. To get ready to meet the rest of my team who would be there with me for the surgery. I was so nervous at this point. I kept asking if it was going ahead because we still didn’t know. I also was nervous because I have never been put out and my fear is being forced to sleep. I didn’t like that idea. I met the team and before midnight the nurse told Mike and my sister to say good-bye. I was then wheeled into the OR and I could see there was someone in the other OR across from me. Maybe another transplant? Going in the OR and seeing the team was making it feel so real. Everyone was doing things to prep for surgery. I asked again is it a go? They said as far as we know yes. So I told the nurse, I am nervous about being put out. She said don’t worry it will be fine. I moved from the gurney to OR bed and then the nurse said they were just putting a mask on me. They stated it was just oxygen and she would let me know when the medicine was going in so I would know to count. I breathed twice and I was out.

The next thing I knew the nurse was waking me up in recovery and they said I was going up to my room soon. I could barely speak since my mouth was so dry and I was still messed up from the anesthesia but I said “so it was done.” which now makes me laugh because of course it was done but I just didn’t feel like any of it was real. She said “Yes, you have a new kidney!” I just remember that I kept smiling. So they wheeled me up to my room which was ready for me. I remember seeing Mike and my sister and feeling like I wanted to dance. (even though I couldn’t.) I was that happy. I can only compare it to my wedding day and the birth of my children on what I was feeling. My peritoneal catheter in was still in my stomach area because it was a high risked kidney, they didn’t know if it would react well. It was pumping on the table but sometimes you need a few sessions of dialysis if the kidney isn’t functioning right away. Thankfully, my kidney worked right away and I never needed dialysis again! My PD catheter came out 2 weeks later and my drainage bag came out 5 weeks after surgery. (I had a drainage bag put in with surgery.) My husband said my face was swollen. They put in a lot of fluid into you while you are doing the surgery so I was swollen for a few weeks so I had to keep them elevated.

my flowers


My first day was hard in that my mouth was so dry and I was so tired. I think I scared the kids when they came up I was a mess trying to get over being knocked out and not being able to have anything but ice chips. I wasn’t hungry but my mouth was so dry that when they would give me a med, I couldn’t take it.  I fell asleep while Mike, the kids and my mother-in-law got some food downstairs and woke up to pictures on the board in my room. That made me smile. It says I “heart” you mom.

my kidney transplant story

The second day I was more myself and graduated up to water. I still wasn’t hungry so it didn’t bother me. I found equipment they put on your legs to prevent blood clots were annoying. When I was sleeping, I kept thinking my dog was on my feet and kept trying to move him. (haha) The nurse had me move from the bed to the chair. That was really hard to try to stand up to move. Learning to use stomach muscles again was a lot harder than when I had my c-section. At night I had to buzz the nurses because I was in bed and in so much pain. I had them move me back to the chair. I felt sitting up I wasn’t in pain.


my slipper socks

The third day, I was able to have clear liquids so my breakfast was coffee (and boy did I miss coffee), tea, ginger ale, apple juice and jello. Very filling. (haha) I was just happy to have a different flavour. I was still in the chair because I felt it was more comfortable to sit straight up then lay down. I lived in the chair for the whole stay. This day was the day I was to take my first steps. To get your body healing faster, it is recommended to walk. So I decided I was going to walk as often as I could. I had a walker and at first couldn’t stand up straight with the staples. (I had 22 staples) I walked down the hall and back. I saw all the rooms were full and there was even one who had had a lung transplant. My thoughts were of all the people on this wing that were going to get their lives back and all those heroes who signed their donor cards.

me walking

The fourth day I was walking all over the transplant wing with my walker. This time I was walking straight up. I walked with my nurse during the day and then with Mike during the night. At lunch, I had real food. I was happy to finally get some food. I had homemade mac and cheese with peas. The one thing I noticed with the transplant is that I can taste food. I mean really taste it. The taste is so strong now. Previously, food just tasted bland but now I could taste it. Things I hated previously, I now love. (Like chocolate)

The fifth day I was discharged. The morning was removing my ivs from my body, making sure my bladder is doing well enough that I didn’t need to have a urine catheter with a bag while at home, learning my medications. I was released by noon and we went to my mother-in-laws so that I could stay with her for 3 weeks while I healed and went to follow up appointments. I was glad to be out of the hospital. I just glad to be with my family. They were up every day but I always felt bad that they had to keep coming up to see me. This journey has been hard one my family especially the kids because being young, they had to deal with a lot.

I was thankful for all those that came up to see me, contacted me or sent me flowers. It was uplifting!



I just had my 7th month anniversary of my transplant and my kidney is doing amazing. My creatinine is 57. (To give you an idea on how great that is last July it was 1300.) My doctor states that my levels are like that of someone who has never had a transplant. I think of the man who donated every day. He is my hero. His family is always on my mind. Especially because they either honoured his decision or made the decision during one of the hardest times of their lives. By doing this, they gave me a new life that I cherish. One where I am not tied to a machine, where I have more energy to do things with my children. A transplant isn’t a cure for kidney disease but it is a better treatment than dialysis. It is one most of us with kidney disease aim for because being on a machine is no fun and very hard on us. I will be on medications for the rest of my life but I rather that and the side effects than the machine. The day the machine left was a great moment for me. I still have doctors appointments with my transplant team but they are every 3 months now because I am doing so well.



For World Kidney Day, I am going to post the Canadian link to sign a donor card on the registry. It takes seconds to sign up. Please let your family know of your wishes. CLICK HERE


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Soup Recipes for a Cold Winter Day


Soup Recipes for a Cold Winter Day

Soup Recipes


Winter is here and time to enjoy recipes that will keep you warm on a cool night.

My favourite childhood memory is coming home from Kindergarten for lunch when it was cold or rainy to a bowl of delicious Tomato soup. I remember how quickly it warm me up and how it felt like pure comfort.

I love making meals like that for my children and hope that sometimes they stick with them as a good childhood memory. The feeling of laughing while eating a warm meal.

These are five soup recipes that you would want to keep in your recipe books or bookmark them on your computer.

Easy Tomato Soup || CopyKat Recipes

tomato soup

Crock Pot Chicken Noodle Soup || Yummy Mommy Club

Crock Pot Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe #foodie #Soup #recipe

Italian Wedding Soup || Soup Chick

Italian Wedding Soup Recipe

Low Sodium Cheesy Potato Soup || Canadian Basics

Low Sodium Cheesy Potato Soup Recipe

Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup || Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice

Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup

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15th Anniversary Edition of My Very Own Name Giveaway


15th anniversary of my very own name book giveaway - Ends 05/25 - CAN/US

My Very Own Name book is celebrating 15 years with the 15th Anniversary Edition with I See Me Personalized Children’s Books.

In the beginning of the book there is a picture of your child and an inscription in the front of the book. I personalized this book for my niece.

15th anniversary of my very own name book giveaway - Ends 05/25 - CAN/US

Each page adds a letter to your name until you get the child’s full name while telling a story about animals. It is really cute and helps your child to read at the same time.

This book is beautifully illustrated with pictures of animals that your child or the child you purchase it for, will love.

I love how it spells your child’s name each page at a time. It is a great way to help younger children learn how to spell their names.

15th anniversary of my very own name book giveaway - Ends 05/25 - CAN/US

You can purchase My Very Own Name 15th Anniversary Edition for the child in your life or check out other personalized children’s items that I See Me has to offer  – CLICK HERE

Sign up for the I See Me newsletter to get promos, discounts and more CLICK HERE 

My Very Own Name 15th Anniversary Edition Book :

  • For boys and girls ages 0-8
  • Approx. 30 pages (depending on length of name.)
  • Includes child’s birth date, dedication from sender and an illustrated encyclopedia of 61 animals.


I See Me Personalized Children’s Books wants to offer one Canadian Basics reader a chance to win a My Very Own Name 15th Anniversary Edition personalized children’s book.  (valued at $34.99 USD)

Open to Canada and US 18+ (excluding Quebec)

Ends 05/25/16

Good Luck

15th anniversary of my very own name book giveaway - Ends 05/25 - CAN/US

My Very Own Name Personalized Children’s Book Giveaway

**Disclosure I received the product listed above for review but the opinions expressed are my own**



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Super Grip Lock Review & Giveaway


Super Grip Lock Giveaway - Canada /US - Ends 04/14/16 #giveaway #contest #SuperGripLock


Super Grip Lock is a great way to secure your deadbolt and prevent keys and lock picks from unlocking them.

You can use the Super Grip Lock at home or in your hotel rooms to make you feel safer while you sleep. This invention will give you peace of mind.

The Super Grip Lock fits most deadbolts and is easy to use.

Trying the deadbolt with my key made it hard to even attempt to turn the lock. I am amazed that this little strap has so much power to prevent break ins.

This is great if you have teens staying home alone. Have them put this one when you go out and then just have them remove it once you are home. It was easy for my teen daughter to remove it. And gave me peace of mind while she was at home by herself.



Super Grip Lock would like to offer one Canadian Basics fan a chance to win 3 Super Grip Locks.

Open to Canada and US 18+ (excluding Quebec)

Ends April 18/16

click here to read disclosure

Super Grip Lock Giveaway

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