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    My husband Mike has had issues with back problems for the past 8 years. He has had back surgery but still suffers from soreness of the back. (Nothing like before surgery, mind you but still has his days where it aches.) He uses pain relievers to get through his day now. So when I was offered a chance to try Lakota products, I jumped at it. I rather he try products with natural ingredients.

    canadian basics

    The first product we tried was the Lakota Triple Action Back Pain pills and Roll on Pain Reliever.

    The Lakota Back Pain Roll-on smelled nice. Most roll-on pain relievers leave a smell that isn’t to be desired. I know myself when I use them I always make sure I am staying home because the smell bothers me, so I wouldn’t want it to bother the people around me. It isn’t greasy and you don’t feel it on your skin for long but it does work quite quickly!  For anyone that suffers from back pain or sore backs, this is a great product to have in your home. I know Mike was glad to have it around at the end of his workdays at the warehouse!

    The Lakota Triple Action Back Pain pills, Mike started taking. He took them for a week and found they helped his back pain. He now takes them instead of the over the counter pain pills he was taking. And I am happy with that! I rather he take natural pills.




    As everyone knows with age sometimes goes the sleep. Mike is finding this more and more, while I can sleep like a baby anytime, anywhere! It also doesn’t help that sometimes Mike is in pain from his back and always is tossing and turning. Mike was looking forward to trying them. As soon as he saw them he stated“Oh good now maybe I can sleep!”  He took 2 pills with a night time snack and got ready for bed. In the morning he stated “It was the best sleep I had in a long time.” I didn’t feel him tossing and turning. These will be something we will keep around for him. If it helps him to get some rest, I am all for it!







    Lakota Muscle Pain Roll-On is odorless and non-greasy. The natural pepper extract reduces pain in minutes and leaves you feeling better. Muscle pain can stop you from doing your daily life. You will feel better faster with the Lakota Muscle Pain Roll-On. Great for muscle pain if you are athletic and exercise often.

    Lakota Maximum Strength Muscle Pain pills is a great product if you have pain from overuse or intense exercise. Provides you relief for those times you may have been pushing your body too hard. Great for those that are athletic and into sports regularly.



    Lakota Extra Strength Arthritis pills relieve joint pain that are associated to arthritis. Helps to repair and product connective tissue. It is an amazing product for those that are struggling with arthritis. I have many relatives struggling with arthritis and it is good to know there is a natural product for people. The pills are yeast free, sugar free, dairy free and gluten free! There are no artificial preservatives or flavours. So if you have a special diet but you are dealing with arthritis, the Lakota Extra Strength Arthritis pills are for you.

    Lakota Extra Strength Soft Touch Pain Reliever is for relief of aches and pains from arthritis , sprains and back pain. Unlike the other roll-ons , this one has a soft touch applicator to apply the product.  It is non-greasy like the other roll-ons.

    canadian basics

    Lakota Arthritis Roll-On provides temporary relief from pain. It is fast acting and great for anyone dealing with arthritis pain. The roll on is easy to use!

    Lakota Joint Care Helps relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. It is yeast free, gluten free, sugar free and dairy free. So perfect for those with a special diet!


    Lakota has Canine Joint Care for the little fur babies in your life! My fur baby Darby took the pill no problem! He actually gobbled it up so fast! I love that they are shaped in little bones. This will help my fur baby to maintain joint health and prevent against deterioration of joint cartilage. It also helps relieve pain of canine arthritis. I love that it will help Darby. I am very protective of my baby!

    canadian basics

    You can purchase these and other Lakota products on their website HERE or at these stores:

    • Shoppers

    • Walmart

    • London Drugs

    • Jean Coutu

    • Safeway

    • Overwartea

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    I am a BIG fan of Udderly Smooth!

    As most of you know, I am currently on dialysis and due to dialysis my skin dries out. Before trying Udderly Smooth, my skin would peel all the time.

    Now with Udderly Smooth, my skin is hydrated and smooth.

    I was asked by Udderly Smooth do a review of their products. I was excited for the chance.


    Canadian Basics


    In the package I received Udderly Smooth Shea Butter, a Dispenser Pump/Lid, Udderly Smooth Body Cream, an Udderly Smooth baseball cap (perfect for when I work in my greenhouse.) , Udderly Smooth Hand & Body Lotion, Udderly Smooth Vitamin E Cream, 2 sizes of Udderly Smooth Hand Cream and a Double-Wall Insulated Tumbler for Hot and Cold drinks. (loving the cow print!)



    I have reviewed a few of these in the past HERE and HERE

    Canadian Basics

    The two I have tried for the first time are the Udderly Smooth Foot Cream with Shea Butter and the Udderly Smooth Vitamin E Cream.

    Udderly Smooth Foot Cream with Shea Butter:

    The first thing I noticed about this cream is the smell. I love the smell of Shea Butter. This scent was not over-powering. I could smell this all day long! On the side of the Udderly Smooth container, it claims to be non-greasy, and it lives up to that. I didn’t feel like I had a bunch of lotion on my feet. I am not someone who likes socks on my feet so feeling lotion would probably bother me. Instead, I didn’t feel it after I rubbed in it. Right away my feet felt softer. Even my hands felt softer from putting it on my feet!  I had a few cracks on my feet from dryness and Udderly Smooth didn’t hurt me when I put it on. Sometimes when I put lotion on my feet it burns. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone with dry and cracked feet like me!



    Udderly Smooth Vitamin E Cream:

    Later on in the day I tried Udderly Smooth Vitamin E Cream. I get a lot of dryness between my fingers from doing dialysis. When I put it on my hands, I noticed that my hands were smooth right away. But I don’t feel like I had anything on my hands. Sometimes with lotion it feels like a build up of cream on your hands, I didn’t get that greasy buildup feeling like I do with other lotions. Hours later my hands still felt soft and smooth! I am keeping this by my machine to use at night! Another MUST HAVE in your home this winter!

    Trying to find out where Udderly Smooth is sold? CLICK HERE 

    Canadian Basics

    Udderly Smooth is giving one Canadian Basics fan a chance to win a Udderly Smooth Fall Prize Pack! (similar to what I received)

    Open to CAN residents only 18+

    Ends Oct 8/14

    Enter in Giveaway tool below

    **Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I used personally, and believe will be good for my readers.

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    canadian Basics

    Amazingly Soothing Lakota $150.00 Amazon GC Sweepstakes!

    This giveaway is for a 150.00 gift card to amazon. ONE WINNER.
    This giveaway will end Oct 13 (will start on the 29th of Sept at 12:01 am EST)
    The giveaway is open to both USA and Canada
    This giveaway is VOID in Quebec, and anywhere else it is prohibited
    Open to 18+

    Giveaway ends October 13th at 11:59pm EST, open USA/CAN, ages 18+. Excludes Quebec.



    Amazingly Soothing Lakota $150.00 Amazon GC Sweepstakes

  • Featured Image Zevia #Sponsored Review & Giveaway! **Closed**


    ~ Good For Dialysis Patients ~ Diabetic Friendly~ Non-GMOs ~ No MSG ~ Vegan ~ Kosher Diet Friendly ~ Gluten Free ~



    Many of our fans know that I have kidney failure and that I am on dialysis.

    Due to having kidney failure, I also have a special health diet.

    This diet tells me what to avoid and what to eat on a daily basis.

    Sounds easy enough to some but when you are no longer to eat or drink the foods you once enjoyed, it can be very hard to follow.

    I do follow my diet religiously because it is what keeps me healthy and strong and out of the hospital.

    Canadian Basics

    The one thing I use to do daily before I became sick was drink a can of pop. I loved pop! I can’t lie.

    But now I can no longer drink any dark pop. (Colas, rootbeer, Dr P.)  And I miss them!

    So I was excited to get asked to review Zevia!

    Finally a pop that is made for someone like ME! Someone on dialysis!

    Zevia is also safe for diabetics. A lot of my dialysis friends have diabetes so this is a perfect soda for them!

    Even those that love pop, like I once did. This is an healthier way to enjoy your pop without all the artificial sweeteners and sugar that are in regular pop drinks with all the taste!

    When the package was sent to me, I received Ginger Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Lemon Lime Twist, Cherry Cola, Caffeine Free Cola and Grape.

    While I enjoyed them all my favourite flavour was:

    Canadian Basics

    I loved the taste! It brought me back to when I was a child and use to drink Rootbeer as a “treat”.  I enjoyed the great taste and it was the first time drinking a dark pop in 2 years! (Since I found out I had kidney failure)

    I didn’t get a chance to finish the can of Rootbeer because my son, Spencer stole it from me and drank it.  (I guess we know which one out of the bunch he loved too!)

    I felt like the Lemon Lime Twist and the Ginger Ale were a close second!!  They tasted like regular pops.

    The Caffeine Free Cola and the Grape both needed more flavour for me. But if you like subtle flavours, these two would be to your liking.

    The Cherry Cola, you could really taste the cherry flavour. I enjoyed it. Tasted like I was drinking a fruity drink.



    Another thing I missed is making a Cola Roast! A Cola Roast is a recipe I use in the crockpot to make a roast up. It is the juiciest roast ever. I hate roast usually.

    A lot of people make it and it turns out dry. But with a Cola Roast recipe, you have nothing but the best tasting meat! You can eat it by itself or on a sandwich.

    Cola Roast

    Here is how to make it:

    • 1 Roast

    • 1 package of Onion Soup Mix

    • 1 cup of Zevia Cola

    • 1 cup of Water


    • Put Roast in crockpot.

    • Pour in Zevia and Water.

    • Pour in Onion Soup Mix.

    • Stir it around.

    • Place lid on crockpot and set it on low for 8 hours or high for 5 hours.

    To find some recipes that you can use with Zevia CLICK HERE



    Canadian Basics

    Zevia is made with Stevia, not aspartame.

    It is more natural and a healthier alternative to aspartame.

    To find out more about the differences between Stevia and Aspartame CLICK HERE

    To find out more about Zevia and where you can purchase it in your area CLICK HERE

    Zevia also has COUPONS!! CLICK HERE

    ~Purchase Online CLICK HERE ~ Retailer Purchase CLICK HERE ~

    **I was given a 6 pack to review but the review are my own.



    Canadian Basics


    Zevia wants to give 5 Lucky Readers a chance to WIN a free 6 pack of your own!

    Open to CAN/US 18+

    Ends September 26/14

    Good Luck!

  • Featured Image 24Clearit Giveaway! Wash Your Acne Away!

    24 Clearit ~ Wash your Acne Away ~



    Canadian Basics & Coupon Nannie are pleased to be able to introduce this amazing acne fighting system giveaway!

    Canadian Basics

    Cleanse, Clear, Treat/Restore is the simple repetitive process that will make your bumpy acne skin; smooth and acne and free!

    What’s in it??

    Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide – Penetrates pores, helping banish current blemishes while protecting against future breakouts

    Salicylic Acid (works by lifting dirt, oil and sebum from the skin) – a natural substance that is from the bark of the Willow Tree, (Willow treat bark is used for making pain killers)

    Sulfur- best natural anti bacterial ingredients , helps reduce redness and swelling

    Chamomile, Aloe Vera & Canadian Willow herb – help minimize dryness, redness & irritation caused by many other treatments

    Green Tea Extracts & Vitamin E – know to defend against Skin damaging elements, Green tea fights acne and repairs your skin


    Read the review on how effective it is !


    Enter for your chance to win a Full System of 24Clearit!

    Giveaway Guidelines:

    Open to USA & Canada
    Ends October 17th/2014
    Facebook, Twitter, etc are not liable in any way!


    Disclaimer: Coupon Nannie received this product at no charge for reviewing purposes however all opinions are our own. Giveaway prize will be distributed directly from the sponsor 24Clearit

  • Featured Image Homemade Coffee Creamer

    A lot of us use coffee creamer in our morning coffees.

    It takes 15 chemicals to make up coffee creamer.

    The best alternative is to make your own with 3 ingredients.

    I am not able to have store bought creamer with my health diet for my kidney failure.

    But with these recipes I can at least have cream in my coffee!



    14oz sweetened can of condensed milk

    2 cups of milk

    (optional) Add one of these to give the creamer a flavour:

    1/3 cup flavoured syrup

    Cocoa Powder

    Vanilla Extract

    Almond Extract


    1/3 flavoured syrup

    Mix together and enjoy!


    2 tsps. Vanilla Extract- French Vanilla 

    1 Tblsp Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Almond Extract- Strudel Cake

    2 tbsps. chocolate syrup, 1 teaspoon instant coffee, 1-2 teaspoons of vanilla extract & 1 teaspoon almond extract – Irish Cream 

    Experiment in making your own flavours!

    Let us know what flavour you made and how!

  • Freezer Cooking #SaveTime

    Freezer cooking is a great way to have a hot meal fast for your family or just individual meals for yourself! I am not a fan of cooking, so I enjoy the fact I can pop the meal in the oven for 35 mins (or heat it up in the microwave if you decide to freeze in microwave safe dishes). Heat it up and enjoy! It is that simple!

    First I make a list of all my ingredients I need to cook up 2 weeks of freezer meals. I only do supper because of the fact most lunchtime meals my children are at school and my husband is at work. I always try to hunt up new meals to try as well to see if they freeze well.

    You can check new recipes here Frugal Recipes

    The items you need to put your food away in the freezer

    • Freezer bags

    • sandwich bags/small plastic containers

    • aluminum foil

    • labels to mark the date made and what it is – You can purchase labels at Mabel’s Labels to make the job easier here

    • pen to write the information on the label

    • aluminum pans

    • frying pans

    • pots

    • ingredients

    • any spices needed

    • measuring cups/spoons

    measuring spoons


    I then start cooking up the meat and while it is cooking, I am standing near by watching it and cutting the veggies I need cut up. I place all cut veggies in either sandwich bags or plastic containers to put aside when I am ready for them in a recipe. I am also boiling any pasta that is needed. If I need a side dish to go to with the meat a lot of the time I will wait and cook that up that day.

    Our side dishes are usually potatoes, rice or salad so those to me are easy to cook up. But if you wish you can also cook up mashed potatoes ahead of time and reheat them on the day you wish to use them. You can either reheat them in the microwave or on the stove on low stirring often and adding a tablespoon of butter and a 1/3 of a cup of milk. For salad you can cut the veggies up in advance and place them in individual sandwich bags and into the fridge so they are ready when you want to make up a salad. For any water based veggies like celery and cucumber I place them in a small plastic container with enough water to cover them so they don’t dry out and last longer.

    Once all the meat (and anything else that is needed to be cook for the meals) is ready I start placing each meal in the aluminum pans) I make them up one at a time and cover it with 3 layers of aluminum foil making sure it is wrapped all around. Then I place a label on top (Mabel’s Labels) and pen in the date and what it is and then place all the meals in the freezer. Soups, mashed potatoes I like putting in freezer bags. I usually double the freezer bags for soups. (please remember to let soups and anything you place in freezer bags to completely cool or it may melt the bag!) Do not place the bags too close to each other in freezer at first as they may stick together and rip the bags as well. Label all freezer bags too.


    Then all you have to do once this is all done is decide each day what you feel like having! Some people like to keep a schedule. I go by what my family wants for that day out of what I have made! I ask them in the morning so by the time they come home all I have to do is have it in the oven (cook any sides if I didn’t make) and have extra time to spend with my children before supper!                            



    If you are looking for fundraising ideas for your charity, school or special group also check out Mabel’s Labels

    ** make sure if you reheat in microwave you do not use aluminum or foil on top. Only use microwave safe dishes. :)

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    shop wtih friendsA Guide On How Your Family Can Help You With Your Purchases! Save Money On Online Shopping!

    Want to shop for Free or with even Larger Discounts! Check this out and start sharing your links with Family & Friends!


    Ebates also has a referral program.

    If you refer any family or friends to Ebates via your special link; when they make their first purchase of $25 or more you will receive a one time credit as a Thank you for referring them! The credit varies from $5 to $10 (Depending on the promotion they have on at the time) That credit will be applied to your Ebates balance and be payable to you on the next Ebates pay date! Right now they have a $10 Promotion on!!! Register at Ebates if your not a member (you don’t need to buy things to promote it & make cash on it!! Click Refer Friends on the left and get your link it will look like this! http://www.ebates.ca/referrer?referrerid=Sb0NHB7oyJU%3D

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    Shop.ca has a 3 fold program to Earn Cash Back!

    1. Earn $25 for each family or friend who joins via your link and makes a purchase of $75 or more!
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    Each product you view you can click Share to share with Friends to earn 1 % Here is an example to buy $100 worth of Petro Canada Cards for cheap with Cash back  http://go.shop.ca/1aWJNSr That is an example of a share link, If you click on it; you should be redirected to the offer! If you purchase it I would earn 1 %

    Click the blue button towards the top that says refer friends! You’ll get a link that looks like this

    Did I mention Shop.ca has free shipping! Also tell your friends if they use Ebates when shopping at Shop.ca they can get up to 20% Cash Back!!

    Shop.ca also has Areoplan rewards. RIGHT NOW get 15x rewards on your first purchase for every $1 you spend!



    Wagjag also rewards you for referring family and friends. Go to the button that says Share and Earn up to a $1000. Then from there your link should look like this: http://vnlink.co/S6575SL If your a Telus customer you can get a $10 Credit EACH month on every $40 purchase!! Click here to see the post . Don’t have Telus but your friend does? Ask them to help you out, you only need to get a text sent to their cell phone and they will get a text with a code, put it in Wagjag and it’s all set up for good! You don’t need to go through this process each month!! :)



    Refer a friend and earn $10 in Groupon Bucks!*

    You can earn $10 in Groupon Bucks whenever you refer a friend to Groupon and they buy their first deal. This is what your link would look like to share with Family & Friends  http://www.groupon.com//raf/UserReferral_rp/121015/10r1act/t/uu59474165


    Refer a friend to Well.ca and get $10 off your next order of $40 or more!

    It’s really easy! Just follow these steps:

    1. Create a coupon code for $10 off $40.
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    Buytopia.ca allows you to gain rewards for referring family and friends! Sign up and then go to Your Vouchers and select Your Credits. The code in there will look something like this http://buytopia.ca/?ref=Do6pI



    There are 6 ways you can earn some money online!