Oragano Gold Review & Giveaway






Just like most people, I need a coffee in the morning to get myself going.

I am truly a coffee or tea person. Even when we go out to eat, I request coffee with my meal.

So doing a review with Organo Gold for coffee and tea was a great review for me!


Organo Gold is made with Gandoderma.

Gandoderma is a type of mushroom that has been used in Chinese medicine since the Ming Dynasty.

Gandoderma is organically grown, gently dried, sterilized and processed into fine powder and then mixed into the tea and coffee of Organo Gold.





The products I tried from Organo Gold were:

  • Gourmet Hot Chocolate
  • Gourmet Cafe Supreme
  • Gourmet Cafe Latte
  • Organic Red Tea
  • Organic Green Tea
  • Premium Gourmet King of Coffee
  • Gourmet Cafe Mocha
  • Premium Beauty Soap


There is something for everyone with Organo Gold.

My favourite was the Premium Gourmet King of Coffee. I found that it was rich tasting coffee. Great for a morning “pick me up”.  I really enjoyed it and couldn’t taste a difference between that and regular coffee.


Canadian Basics



The Gourmet Red Tea was my favourite to relax in the evening enjoying a nice tea. I drank it at night while relaxing and getting ready for bed. Organo Gold also has Green Tea available for you to enjoy.  A little bit of honey makes it sweet enough without any extras. The added benefits of Gandoderma and Honey in a warm cup of tea!




For those that don’t enjoy coffee or tea, there is Oragano Gold Gourmet Hot Chocolate. My teen daughter, Hayley, enjoyed it. She said it had a nice chocolate taste. Add some marshmallows to it to make it fun for the kids. A great treat after a cold day out in the snow.




Oragano Gold also has Gourmet Cafe Latte and Gourmet Cafe Mocha. Both a great drink for any day. When you feel like having something different than coffee. Add a bit of milk and it makes it creamy!

Oragano Gold also has personal care products available for your family. (Soap and toothpaste)


To order products on the Oragano Gold website CLICK HERE


Oragano Gold wants to give one Canadian Basics fan a chance to win a similar prize pack that I received for review.

Open to Canada 18+

Ends May 20/15

Enter in the giveaway tool below

I received the product to review but the opinions on this blog are my own.

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My Kidney Story #NeedADonor





canadian basics



Many of you know that I currently have Kidney Failure.

For those that don’t know here is just a quick write up about my story:

In April of 2012 I was rushed to the Strathroy General Hospital in Strathroy, Ontario by my husband, Mike. I was weak and couldn’t keep anything down and my weight had dropped dangerously low to 79lbs. (I had been sick for 2 weeks with what I thought was a really bad case of the flu and had previously been told I had pnuemonia which was wrong) After giving me with 2 blood transfusions, the doctor took vials of my blood and had it tested. It was determined that I had renal failure. (kidney failure)

I was then rushed to London Ontario’s University Hospital where I spent 8 days in the hospital. During those 8 days I came back to life thanks to an amazing medical team. (I was on my death bed and for the first few hours was in a transplant care room because they didn’t know if I would make it.) But I got better and was put on Hemodialysis on the fourth day there.

To explain how much toxins were in my body, the first day I was on Hemodialysis I was to be on it for 3 hours. Within 2  hours my machine was going off. The filter was too clogged to keep going.

I had dialysis 3 more times while in the hospital before I was discharged on the 8th day. I wasn’t suppose to go home until at least 10 days after I was admitted but I was doing so well that they discharged me.

I continued to do Hemodialysis for 3 more months after being discharged. It was really hard on my body because my body has a problem cleaning the toxins but no a problem with retaining fluid. So it was taking fluid off my body and causing my blood pressure to drop really low during dialysis. Hemodialysis isn’t easy on your body either. I would often need to nap during the 3 and a half hours and also for a 2 hours after I finished. I did Hemodialysis for 3 and a half hours 3 times a week through a dialysis catheter in my chest.

In July 2012 I had a 2 hour surgery to have Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter inserted into my stomach area. This allows me to do Peritoneal Dialysis in my home. While Hemodialysis deals with blood going through a machine, Peritoneal doesn’t. So it is lighter on my system. So no more tired feeling from doing dialysis and when I am off the machine, I can get up and go!

This is important because I have 2 children that I am still raising. For those 3 months on Hemodialysis, I felt like I was missing out on their lives. The only downfall is I do it every night for 8 hours a night. But like every medical procedure there are pros and cons.

My kidney disease didn’t happen due to medical problems like diabetes or high blood pressure. My kidney disease is due to genetics and the fact my kidneys were small. I never knew I had kidney disease until I went into failure. Looking back it explains a lot of why I was tired all the time and why I had troubled pregnancies. I also am hearing impaired and as I got older it got worse. My illness is Branchio-Oto-Renal Syndrome.



family picture


Now I am sure you are wondering why I am sharing this information with you.

Well first it is because I feel people need to be educated about Kidney Disease and that it can happen to anyone. My reason that it happened to me is due to a genetic illness. It wasn’t because I had diabetes or because I wasn’t taking care of myself. It was what was going to happen eventually. And second, I am now looking for an living donor and also hoping to educate people about organ donation.

Because I have renal failure, I can have a living donor donate one of their kidneys. The beautiful thing about kidneys is you just need one for a healthy life! How great is it we have TWO kidneys. Being a living donor is one of the best gifts you can give someone. Give someone like myself , a chance to live a normal life. (Well my life will never be normal, after a transplant I have to deal with taking medicine for life and doctors appointments but if it gets me off the machine! I will take it!)

I understand it is a big gift to give. But I am looking for someone with O blood type. (negative or positive factor doesn’t matter)

I also am hoping that people will sign up to be a organ donor for when they pass. Please inform your family of your wishes.

You can sign up to be an organ donor ~ CLICK HERE 

Now if you are interested in being a living donor for me and have Type O blood ~ email me at canadianbasics [at] gmail [dot] com


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Twitter Parties #CANADA



 canadian basics


Twitter parties are a fun way to learn about new products and give you the chance to win some great prizes.

Twitter parties are pretty simple.

First, you need a twitter name.

Then, you need to find a twitter party. (That’s where this page comes in, list is below this posting)

The party may ask you to RSVP. And if that is the case you need to register your @Twitter username.

Then view the host at the schedule time on twitter and respond to the questions that are asked by using A and the question # to let the host know what you are responding to. (As you get use to the party you will be able to respond to fellow tweeters at the same time and it makes the party a lot of fun! )

When a winner is announced they will use your @twitter name.

And that’s it.

Very simple!

Be sure to say hi to us at @CanadianBasics on Twitter!

If you wish to host a Twitter party with our team of 4 bloggers ~ Email Us Here



Twitter Parties List:



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Win a Seasons Pass to Canada’s Wonderland





Enter to win a seasons pass to Canada’s Wonderland and double movie passes to San Andreas.

Open to: Canada

Ends: May 24, 2015

Entries: Daily



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Lakota Giveaway #Canada




Lakota products are rooted in traditional medicine and made with natural ingredients to give you relief from pain.
There are also some great products for Dogs and Diabetics.

CLICK HERE to go to go to the Lakota site to purchase




Lakota is a blend of herbal medicine: white willow bark, yucca root and devil’s claw, boswellia and others; combined with modern, natural ingredients.


Canadian Basics

Made in 2000 by 2 farmers in British Columbia Canada became top selling topical pain reliever by 2005!



Lakota wants to offer one Canadian Basics fan a chance to win a Back Pain Combo Package.
Package includes Back Pain Roll On, Triple Strength Back Pain Capsules and Joint Care 120’s.


Open to Canadians 18+ (excluding Quebec)

Ends May 27/15

Enter in giveaway tool below



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Enter To Win a Fitmark Max Rep Transition Pack





Want a chance to WIN one of Fitmark’s newly released gym/travel bags? (Max Rep Transition Pack – yep, this high quality, functional design works as both a backpack and duffel)

Open to: Canada


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Charm Diamonds are Forever Contest





Enter the Charm Diamonds is Forever contest for your chance to win $5000 gift card to Charm Diamond Centres.

Open to: Canadian residents at the age of majority for their province (excluding Quebec)

Ends: June 8, 2015

Entry: Daily



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40 Page Photobooks for $1





Right now WagJag has a great deal!

Get 40 Page Photobook for $1

I plan on getting one for Mike to have in his transport truck on the road.

Get this great deal for Father’s Day.



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